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Customer oriented solutions

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Turnkey solutions

Järvitie 8, 92140 Pattijoki, Finland
Tel. +358 10 322 9910

On-site customer service and support:


PK-Tekniikka is focused on the maintenance and repair of industrial equipment and on-site machining. Our on-site equipment are fully adaptable to the customer needs. Machining, repairs and maintenance are carried out on-site instead of sending the components to a manufacturing workshop. Our ability to quickly modify special instruments to suit all projects saves our clients’ time and money. Our services are utilised by power plants, the steel industry, the wood and paper industry as well as the processing industry both in Finland and abroad. The trademarks of PK-Tekniikka are strong expertise in specialized repair works and a wide range of equipment.

Our operating principle includes consultation with customers, whereby our own projecting and our special instruments can solve even the most difficult maintenance challenges in collaboration with customers. The company’s range of services also includes various designing, installation, maintenance, repair and coating services and equipment manufacturing. Due to its comprehensive expertise, PK-Tekniikka is able to offer its clients a thorough maintenance package.

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