Power plants

Our on-site machining equipment and competent professional staff can carry out demanding machining works by saving time and costs. Our machining services are used by hydroelectric, thermal and even nuclear power plants.

PK-Tekniikka Oy with its collaboration partners can plate targets that have to be resistant to wear and corrosion in power plants and other processing industries. Plating is promptly carried out at a client’s site and with as little disturbance to production as possible.

Thermal spraying is used in plating: a spraying method where the solid filler material is melted and sprayed as fine mist with high speed onto a pre-treated surface, thereby creating a durable coating. Side walls, ceilings, surroundings of soot hatches and superheater pipes of power plant boilers are exposed to strong erosion and corrosion during their use. The thermal coatings developed in collaboration with universities and material producers essentially lengthen the exploitation time of these consumable parts. The coatings are effectively able to endure wear from erosion and corrosion and are also suitable for extremely high operating temperatures.

Our selection of coatings is extensive and guarantees, along with continuous product development, that our coatings function superbly in extreme conditions.


  • Machining of labyrinth grooves in a thermal power plant
  • Spraying of journal surfaces in a hydroelectric power plant
  • Valve sealing face machining in a thermal power plant
  • Turbine internal machining in a thermal power plant
  • Machining of unit holes in a hydroelectric power plant
  • Machining of welding seams of pipeline fittings in a nuclear power plant