Other industries

PK-Tekniikka Oy is a company specialised in the maintenance and repair of industrial equipment and on-site machining. Our sufficiently versatile machine stock enables prompt transformation according to the client’s needs without increasing the cost level. PK-Tekniikka Oy offers a full service to its clients: from analysis of the problem to handing over the protocol of dimension control.

On-site machining is most profitable in shipyards for the repairing and maintenance of large and heavy machines or their components. The machining of targets that require a lot of demolition work for detaching a component can be performed on site. Components do not have to be transported, which saves time and eliminates transport risks.


  • Machining of guide bars in a wire factory
  • Excavator compressor machining
  • Hole milling for the electronics industry
  • Cylinder coating in a potato chip factory
  • Hole boring in a bottle factory
  • Boring of crane joints
  • Grinding of crane brake disks of
  • Grinding of crane rails in a candy factory