Paper and Pulp industry

PK-Tekniikka Oy offers comprehensive service solutions for paper and pulp industries. The company cooperates with pulp and paper industry leaders in Finland and abroad. Our machines and devices have been developed for various different work sites, bringing about a remarkable saving of time and expenses. In addition to the paper industry, our services are also well suited for the pulp, sawmill, plywood, building and furniture industries.

On-site service solutions save maintenance costs and improve occupational safety. The unnecessary dissassembly/assembly stages can be letf out, focusing on ensuring the fluency of the production process itself. Turnkey solutions and proactive maintenance ensure faster and more cost-effective production. We are able to supply the whole maintenance project or take the role as a subcontractor. We also have a wide network of cooperation partners to ensure necessary resources.


  • Machining of sealing faces of Kamyr-boiler assemblies at a paper factory
  • Corrective grinding of calender aggregates at a paper factory
  • Corrective machining of cylinder axle end s at a paper factory
  • Cylinder plating at a paper factory
  • Dryer grinding at a paper factory
  • Dryer sandblasting at a paper factory