Shipbuilding industry

The main part of the on-site business of PK-Tekniikka Oy takes place at its clients’ locations. The clients mostly benefit from on-site machining as it remarkably reduces the time required for repairing or fabrication. Our traits are flexibility and reliability. Our competent staff is accustomed to demanding and fast-changing situations so, if required, we can be present at short notice even in the event of unexpected problems.

Our extensive machine stock is developed by taking into account the machining to be carried out at our clients’ sites. Mobile machining equipment and tools allow for even bigger projects. If necessary, we can design and build the necessary machining equipment.

On-site machining is profitable at shipyards for the repairing and maintenance of large and heavy machines or their components. The machining of objects that would require a lot of demolition work for detaching components can be performed on the spot.



  • Corrective machining of a harbour crane turning platform
  • Drilling of holes and machining of threads on a ship
  • Machining of propeller housing sealing faces on a ship
  • Machining of a ship’s helm at a shipyard
  • Axle turning on a ship
  • Axle grinding on a ship
  • Grinding of internal welded seams of oil rig pipes
  • Plane milling on a ship